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I teach classes and workshops during the Summer, usually in Nantucket, Cape Cod and Maine. I occasionally give private instructions on my studio for personal projects.

In the half-hull model building classes, I have my students exploring the aesthetics of Half Hull models as well as construction methods. What makes an outstanding, visually exciting model? Photos of antique models are showed as examples of the many different types & styles of half models that have been done in the past.


There is a discussion of wood selection, color & painting & finishing as well as backboards & presentation. Students cut their own patterns and work directly with the lines plan. This give a more intimate understanding of how lines work & help the translation process from 2D to 3D. There is also an opportunity to dabble in miniature carving . All the model designs chosen for the class have trail boards, figureheads or billets & other fancy headwork at the bow. Students are encouraged to try to build these structures & understand the complex geometry involved as well as get a sense of 19th C ship design.

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